For almost a decade, I’ve been working with multinational businesses in resolving IT-related dilemmas and improving business drivers through technology and innovation. I’m ready with well-rounded solutions from experience with infrastructure design and support as well as system administration and development. I also do WordPress for those who want an interactive, modern, and appealing website interface.

Currently residing in Perth, Western Australia.

Solution-driven apps I work with

Office 365
Azure DevOps
Power BI
Power Apps
Power Automate

My career journey so far

JUL 2022 - JUL 2024
Curtin University
Master of Computing - Cyber Security

I'm taking a career break to pursue my postgraduate degree by completing the course Master of Computing at the prestigious Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. I will also be taking up Cyber Security as my postgraduate major. I'm very excited for this opportunity and be able to acquire knowledge with international standard and recognition that will definitely help me improve my career in the industry.

MAR 2024
Western Power
Cyber Security Risk Analyst
In a very fortunate turn of events, I was offered a role to continue my work at Western Power right after my internship program. With the learnings I have acquired from my mentors, I have expanded my responsibilities and capabilities to better support the cyber needs of the business. This allowed me to improve my understanding of the various Cyber Security functions and be exposed to more technology experts and trends affecting the security of critical infrastructures.
DEC 2023 - MAR 2024
Western Power
Cyber Security Intern

In completing my postgraduate qualification course requirements, I joined Western Power as a Cyber Security Intern. My main objective is to shadow and assist senior colleagues in identifying, categorizing, and documenting Technology Risks in various business functions. Participating in a variety of forums to plan, develop, and implement Cyber Security risks and assurances to improve cyber maturity and resiliency. This internship program allowed me to acquire industry-specific and real-world knowledge about Cyber Security for a critical infrastructure sector in the economy of Western Australia.

JUL 2023 - NOV 2023
Curtin University
Sessional Academic
I have been granted the opportunity to support the Unit Coordinator and Lecturer from the Faculty of Science and Engineering. My main goal is to help in providing quality lab exercises and practical workshops for University students in their computing course. We engage them on the topics of DevOps, Continuous Integration/Development, Docker, Jenkins, GKE, Kubernetes, AWS, and other relevant technologies for SecDevOps best practices.
Project-Based Work
GK Creatives & Consultancy
Freelance Web Designer/Developer

While processing my student visa application to Australia, I took a few side projects in designing and developing WordPress websites to local MSMEs. Their portfolios ranging from accounting firms, trading schools, business support, and even a senatorial candidate. We've helped businesses and individuals reach out to more potential customers by showcasing their work and sharing their achievements over the internet thru their own website. 

JUN 2021 - DEC 2021
Experior Solutions Inc.
IT Solutions Consultant

As a growing business, technological upgrades and improvements are key parts of the process. I helped in improving their wireless network infrastructure, procurement and setup of new NAS systems and performed inventory, maintenance and general upkeep of their IT devices. We also developed an app that uploads excel data to a government-owned app that handles tax compliances. Apart from these tasks, we were able to launch a new website for the business to improve their visibility and attract potential clients with clean and effective design.

JAN 2019 - JUN 2021
Werner Co.
Developer and System Administrator

With new technologies set to integrate into the business, we were given the opportunity to learn and improve our support. A few key projects that I was a part of were the setup of a new ITSM system, the migration of SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online and the introduction of Power BI as a report tool for the business. These were all challenging tasks since we are dealing with new tech. However, we were exposed to effective IT governance and strategy that helped us achieve the goals. In 2020, the world was hit by the global pandemic which crippled businesses and presented additional challenges in our goals. But despite the situation, we were able to continue to work on the completion of the projects even in a new Work-From-Home setup.

FEB 2017 - JAN 2019
Werner Co.
IT Programmer

The company was looking for someone to support their Microsoft SharePoint tool as well as build and maintain custom web apps housed in it. With an experience working on HTML, CSS and JavaScript back in college and a few videos watched about SharePoint, I took the gamble and applied. During my free time, I continue to practice and research more about SharePoint. And just like an answered prayer, I was offered the postition and regular employment right after my 4-month contract ended. With the help of the current SharePoint Team, I was able to get up to speed with the role and developed custom web apps to support the business. I was able to visit the US to train and collaborate with different IT groups to realign and explore improvements in our support.

SEP 2016 - FEB 2017
Werner Co.
IT Help Desk

Started as a contractual employee for 4 months to work with the IT Help Desk team based in Manila. Very fortunate that the team will be moving into a new office. I was able to showcase my skills in hardware setup specifically with a call center structure. Apart from supporting the Manila office, we were also tasked to assist global users in the US, UK, Australia, Mexico, China and Vietnam offices.

JUN 2015 - SEP 2016
TPG Telecom
IT Support Staff

With 4 offices housing their call center operation in Manila, an onsite IT techinical team is very vital in supporting the business. Here I was part of the team that is the first line of support that handles hardware and software issues. Also worked on setup projects for newly acquired offices or business units to become part of the Manila operations.

JUN 2013 - FEB 2015
SYKES Asia Inc.
IT Service Desk

Joining the Global Service Desk team introduced me to ITSM. Worked with multi-disciplinary IT teams in resolving business-impacting issues in a global capacity. It also taught me on proper documentation of issues/resolution as well as investigation of the root cause so that it can be avoided in the future. Was also recognized for reaching top scores within the performance indicators.

FEB 2012 - JUN 2013
SYKES Asia Inc.
Technical Support Representative

Right after graduating from College, I was hired to help US customers with their online security application that protect credit card transactions done online. Apart from learning customer service skills, I was also able to train my communications skills by coversing with native English speakers. I also contributed in developing the Knowledge Base tools to help our team in providing a better customer experience. 

APR 2008 - JUN 2008
Siemens IT Services
Technical Support Representative

Working and experiencing being in a Business Process Outsource company while finishing my studies was a personal achievement for me. It taught me time management as well as the drive to learn the technologies used in a real-world scenario. During my stay here, my responsibilities are to assist customer in the US with their laptop concerns and after-sales inquiries.

Websites designed and built

Experior Solutions Inc.
Trade Associates
Coria & Co.
Know Your Business
Jon Belenzo
Robin Padilla 2022
J&CO Development Corp.
GK Creatives & Consultancy


A popular British game show involving word and number tasks. I’ve created a web application that will enable you to play the letters, numbers, and conundrum rounds online.

Enjoy it with your friends and family.

What my peers and mentors say

JR combined a passion for learning, hard work, and an incredible attitude. 

I had the good fortune to have JR report to me directly. We were able to shift his work from a support role to a stakeholder-facing role where he would learn new tech, gather requirements, document, develop, deploy, etc. 

JR’s ability to learn new skills separates him from other employees, but I was even more impressed with JR as a person – JR is the type of person that has a positive impact on the entire team.


JR is a storyteller by design. 

He sees the essence in what we do and it translates into his commitment for the work he delivers. It is always a blessing to work with him. Not only do our clients love his demeanor but they appreciate how he has gone beyond developing websites for them. He generously shares insights – owing to his rich experience in the industry. 

We count on him to always see things from a prism of observation and knowledge. We look forward to achieving greater heights with him!

GK Creatives & Consultancy

When I'm not working

Build custom desktop PC​

“Bye work computer… hello home computer!”

My Passion for technology never stops after clocking out from work. Ever since I was a kid, it was my dream to have my own computer. I dabbled into custom-building and tried to learn the ropes by reading forums and watching online videos back in 2010. To this day, I continue to follow tech gurus online and be on the front seat of tech evolution.

Play e-sport games

“Flawless Victory!”

As a form of de-stressing, I fire up a few solos or party games with my crew. It helps me relax and refocus a lot better once I’m done with a match or two. After all, I found my passion for computers thru PC games back in the ’90s. Gamer for life!

Experiment in the kitchen

“hhmmm hhmmm hhmmm!”

Whenever I see a new recipe from the internet, I jot it down and run to the grocery the next day. Cooking is another form of relaxation for me. I believe eating good food not only nourishes the body but also helps the mind be in a happy state. 

Exploring WA

“Vroom Vroom… Ding! Ding!”

Whether I’m traveling on an electric seated scooter or just a casual bike ride, exploring what the Perth region in WA has to offer has been my go-to de-stress activity. From the concrete jungles in the city to the majestic and calming sceneries of the parks, there is always something new to discover that is worth the ride!

Travel the world​

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Whenever an opportunity to travel presents itself, I go for it without hesitation. Travelling helps me broaden not only my perception of the world we live in but experience all the possibilities that life can offer. I had the good fortune to visit the US, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Also visited local sceneries and destinations with families and friends.

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